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1280 719 Syed Zohaib Ahmed

Ever come across a product/campaign that makes you immerse yourself in its highly lucrative deal? Well, if you haven’t, this is just the thing for you. In today’s highly competitive…

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Hilarious Cellphone Myths

635 464 Jaziha Syed

The internet is responsible for an insidious thing that no one could have foreseen: massive misinformation. There have been some amazing advances in cell phone technology and things that we…

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Your WhatsApp buddies might be spying on you!

1024 575 Jaziha Syed

If you rely on WhatsApp to message friends and family, it’s important to know that the service lets your contacts know when you’re available to chat, and whether you’ve read their texts.…

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Buying Galaxy S9 or S9+… WAIT!

1280 720 Syed Zohaib Ahmed

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is now on sale, a phone that promises to be one of the best of 2018 – but at first glance, might not seem to be…

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Things I Wish Someone Would Invent

1024 768 Jaziha Syed

Sometimes I have these times in my life where I’m like GOD I WISH THIS THING EXISTED TO MAKE MY LIFE EASIER OR BETTER. Sometimes I find out that it’s…

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5 Women with innovative businesses in Pakistan

1536 1415 Kainat Hussain Khanzada

In no particular order, here are five women who are building innovative companies in Pakistan. 1. Madeeha Hassan Madeeha is co-founder of Savaree, a ride-sharing and taxi app start-up that…

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