Our Story

[image_with_text title_tag=”h5″ image=”1084″]On a fine Winter Monday, when the sun is kissing the skin to the heart, our team sat for lunch where we look upon a family where they are struggling to have a common topic of discussion. Each one of them had a story to tell but none of them was ready to listen to another. If a family of 5 people  has so many differences, how is it possible to align so many nations, to have an understanding and live peacefully.


After talking about it over the lunch we realized that there is only one way to undo this and that is to liberate the youth. We believe that there are two kind of people in this world, talkers and listeners and we certainly count ourselves in the latter ones. Not only we feel that the youth wants to stay updated about the latest trends in each industry but as being a part of youth we understand that we don’t have enough time to look for the details ourselves and hence we want to have precise blogs and videos that explains it to them. We do know our society is less of a listener and hence there are a lot of stories that are yet to heard and we want to have a forum where we can share these stories.[/image_with_text][vc_empty_space]