Eid ul Fitr

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Eid Mubarak

Eid ul Fitr marks the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan revered by the entire Muslim community.

Ramadan the ninth month of the Islamic calendar marks the revelation of Quran to Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and lasts for 29 or 30 days depending on the sighting of the moon. The first day of Shawal, the 10th Islamic lunar month, is celebrated as Eid ul Fitr.

The last night of Ramadan is recognised as “Chand Raat” during which Pakistanis celebrate the sighting of the moon and women usually go out for last minute Eid shopping and get their hands adorned with traditional mehndi.


The morning after is marked by mandatory Eid ul Fitr congregational prayers which is observed by all Muslims at mosques or open spaces called Eidgahs. The prayers are followed by an Eid khutba (sermon) delivered by the Imam in which the Almighty is thanked for perseverance and blessings during the month of Ramadan and a prayer is made for all the oppressed Muslims around the world who are suffering due to war, famine etc.


This year, the government of Pakistan announced an official 4-day public holiday for Eid. The Eid festival is usually celebrated for 3 days in which Muslims dress up in their best clothes to signify the importance of this occasion and host get to-gathers with their families and friends. The children are also given gifts or money, called “eidi” which is usually the highlight for many kids!


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This festival is usually marked by enjoyment and happiness but during these 3 days Muslims shouldn’t forget the teachings of the month of Ramadan and try to compensate their happiness by helping those who might not have the means to celebrate this joyous holiday. After all, Islam teaches us to be generous and tolerant towards other people and be thankful for our own privileges.

Jumma Tul Wida

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What is Juma Tul Wida?

Juma Tul Wida is a widely celebrated day which refers to the last Friday of the Holy Month of Ramadan. The word “Jummah” literally means “a gathering” and “wida” means “farewell” therefore this day can also be known as the “gathering of farewell” or the “last gathering”. This day is marked to commemorate the farewell to the month of fasting. Every year, it is observed across the country with religious fervor and sanctity. Many devotees attend the Juma prayers at different mosques seeking divine blessings for peace and progress of the country and unity of the humankind.


Juma Tul Wida creates a sense of gratefulness and nostalgia. The Muslim ummah can rejoice and feel proud in successfully adhering to Allah’s guidance and restrictions during the month of Ramadan but there’s this feeling of suffering the loss of a truly blessed month.

This day is observed by Muslims all over the world. Mostly all Muslims offer the mandatory jummah prayers which are followed by special prayers for prosperity and brotherhood amongst Muslims.

Most importantly, it serves as a reminder that the holy month of Ramadan is coming to its end and we must collect as many good deeds as possible and seek forgiveness before it departs till the next year.





“O you who believe! When the call is proclaimed for the Salah on Al-Jumu`ah (Friday), then hasten (Fas`aw) to the remembrance of Allah and leave off business. That is better for you if you did but know!” -Surah Al Jummah

Muslims regard this Friday as one of the holiest days in the month of Ramadan and take measures to spend their entire day doing ibaadah in order to reap as many blessings as possible on this holy day.


‘Punish a Muslim day’ generates anger and fear in Britain

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Hundreds of people are expected to gather in response to a vile letter labeling April 3, 2018 “Punish a Muslim Day.”

The letter, pictured, was sent to people in London, the Midlands, and West Yorkshire and declared April 3 the 'Punish A Muslim Day'. PHOTO: Daily Mail

Ahead of ‘Punish a Muslim Day’, women in the UK are  warned against wearing their hijabs and also going alone for whatever reason.

WhatsApp message containging warning are being circulated among muslims about going outside and to lock their doors properly.

WhatsApp messages circulating in the Islamic community are warning Muslim women to avoid leaving their homes as sick 'Punish A Muslim Day on April 3. PHOTO: Daily Mail

Last month police in the UK began an investigation after people across the country reported receiving an anonymous letter advocating violence against Muslims.

One WhatsApp message explained the shocking propaganda letter, including details about the ‘points system,’ encouraging torture, acid attacks, arson of mosques and assaults.

“This is not a joke its sick plan they have a pointing system where they will be giving points and reporting on a site with videos etc punishments include taking off hijabs…beating up and even acid throwing,” the message read.

Other sickening acts included 50 points for throwing acid in a Muslim’s face and 1000 points for bombing or burning a mosque

The full letter details rewards based on a points system which ranged from 10 points for verbal abuse to 2,500 for 'nuking Mecca'. One of the messages circulating warned women to cover their hijab with a hat or coat. PHOTO: Daily Mail

It further read, “even though police say they are acting on it.. leaflets have been posted through doors in east London and kids have heard about it.”

Other WhatsApp messages advising muslim women  to walk in groups  when taking their children to school are being circulated.

Google pays homage to Nazia Hassan

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Google is paying tribute to legendary singer Nazia Hassan with its doodle feature on her 53rd birthday.

In the past Google had also paid tribute to Nusrat Fateh Ali khan, Abdul Sattar Edhi, Noor Jehan and many others.

In a statement Google wrote, “When young Pakistani girls in the 1980s closed their eyes and clutched a pretend mic in their hands, swaying and singing, a major inspiration was Nazia Hassan. Hassan, sometimes referred to as the “Princess of Pop”, was a sensation the likes of which hadn’t been seen in the region in years.
She not only charmed Pakistanis but Insdians as well with her pop songs like  Disco Deewane and Boom Boom alongside her brother Zohaib.

Nazia was not just a Pakistani pop singer but a lawyer and social activist also. She had also worked for the UN as well as for UNICEF.

Nazia also remained a dedicated scholar and philanthropist who worked for the rights of young people.

She graduated from well reputed Richmond, The American International University and University of London.

Nazia was Born on April 3rd , 1965 came into the limelight through Pakistan Television’s programme “Sung Sung” and became Pakistan’s most famous celebrities of 70s and 80s.

She earned the title of “Queen of Pop” in South Asia. Along with her brother Zoheb Hassan, Nazia sold over 65 million records worldwide and her English language single Dreamer Deewane made her the first Pakistani singer to make it to the British charts.

Nazia was Born on April 3rd , 1965 came into the limelight through Pakistan Television’s programme “Sung Sung” and became Pakistan’s most famous celebrities of 70s and 80s.

At the age of 10 and became one of the most prominent singers in Pakistan and India.


She died of lung cancer at a very young age of 35, in London leaving her fans in a state of dismay.

Discounts and Sales to Celebrate Pakistan Day!

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With the arrival of Pakistan  Day, many clothing brands across the country are celebrating this by introducing exciting discounts throughout the week.  In addition to the sartorial brands, many other fashion brands and online stores are also in line by offering fun sales just adding up to the festivity. Here is our sought-after list of the brands offering discounts and introducing their capsule collection on account of March 23rd:

Tarzz Pakistan Day Sale Upto 50% OFF Till 25th March 2018

Celebrate PAKISTAN DAY with Tarzz and enjoy HALF PRICE SALE of up to 50% OFF in stores and online starting from 16th -25th March.

Gul Ahmed Ideas Pakistan Day Sale! Upto 50% off starting from 16th March 2018

Gul Ahmed Pakistan Day Sale – Ideas is keeping the patriotism alive by offering an EXCLUSIVE discount up to 50% OFF from 16th March to celebrate Pakistan Day!

Diners Pakistan Day Sale with FLAT 25% OFF on all items Started 17th March 2018

Diners celebrating Pakistan Day with FLAT 25% OFF on all items.

Little Darling By Zubaida’s Pakistan Day Sale! Flat 23% OFF on entire Bill

Little Darling by Zubaida’s World is celebrating Pakistan Day & showing true love by Offering FLAT 23% OFF on Entire Bill. Starting from 16th March to 24th March.


In the month of March, a lot of deals are offered at Foodpanda, from 20% off on Burger King to up to 60% off on McDonald’s to 20% off on Dominos Pizza and so on & so forth.


Emirates is offering a special discount offer for travelers till 31st of March. My Emirates Pass will allow the travelers to avail offers at 250 restaurants, spas and attractive spots of Dubai by just showing their boarding pass.

Are we missing out any sale? Let us know in the comments.

15 Ways to celebrate Women’s day with your besties

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Here are 15 ways you can celebrate being a women with your bestie!




























10 Ideas to celebrate Women in your lives.

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1. Don’t Let Her Pick Up A Single Dish!


First things first, no cleaning, cooking, or chores of any kind! Don’t let her do a single second of work. After all this is her day!


2. Get The Little Ones Involved


If there are younger children in your family, have them bring her breakfast in bed, or deliver flowers to her on your behalf. If you’re giving her a special piece of jewelry, have the kids follow up with a homemade friendship bracelet or candy necklace!


3. Brunch!


Her first meal of the day shouldn’t be anything less than scrumptious! Either make reservations at the most delicious place in town, or if that’s not your  style,have the whole family practice their omelette making skills before the big day! Either way, an act of selflessness like taking her out to a fantastic meal is the perfect way to pamper her in the morning!


4. Afternoon for Her


Once your stomachs are full, now it’s time for the real fun! Does she dream of going that great spa downtown, but doesn’t have the time or means? Does lady want to go out shopping and get those shoes she’s been lusting after for weeks? Or is she a nature lover, just dying to go on a hike with the family? What ever group activity fits her style, the whole family should get involved and make the day exactly what she wants.


5. Beauty


Giving  wonderful smelling things is one of THE best add-ons to a perfect Women’s Day. There’s nothing like the feeling of spritzing some new floral perfume on for the first time. This Women’s Day, I’d definitely recommend either getting her a great bottle of perfume or – for the DIY family – making some yourself!


6. Relax!


Believe it or not, but a long day of being pampered can be a bit draining. Though all these activities may be fun and relaxing, give the family some downtime in their own home. Sitting in the family room, relaxing, and chatting are where some of the best memories are made, so don’t forget this crucial step!


7. Gift Time!


On your birthday, there comes a special time of evening when you can expect to be showered with gifts. For someone who raised you, why not give her that special moment on Women’s Day as well! For the someone stylish, try giving her a statement or pendant necklace with her favorite jewel.

If it’s a special occasion with the entire family gathered to celebrate her, try a personal gift like redesigning or creating an heirloom.


8. Feast!


More often than not, moms are the best cooks in the family. While it’s quite an honor, it’s also quite a burden to bear. Though the rest of the family might not have your mom’s talent, put in twice as much effort to create the perfect feast! Gather up recipes for ALL her favorite dishes,  get cooking, then enjoy! Don’t forget dessert!


9. Perfect Pillow


Here’s a great tradition stolen from a friend of mine: Every year, buy her a memory foam pillow, silk pajamas, or any other luxurious bedtime gift you can think of. Hide it on her bed for her to find just before she falls asleep, complete with a mint on the pillow. Seeing your pampering through the entire day will be sure to give her the best Women’s Day yet.


10. Treat her How You Want to Be Treated (And Then Some)


We all have those moments when we think “if only there was someone here to wait on me hand and foot!” Well, after all the moms in your life have done, they deserve a day with this exact treatment. The golden rule applies especially to Women’s Day. Continually remind her how much you love and cherish her throughout the day, and you’ll be golden!

P.s Remember, there is always the gift of jewelry.

Times just not up, accused Rapist Kobe Bryant Wins an Oscar

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Kobe Bean Bryant is an American businessman and a former professional basketball player.Kobe Bryant’s film “Dear Basketball” won the Academy Award for “best animated short“. The Win did not only brought criticism to the academy,Coming as it did amid the rise of the #MeToo and Time’s Up movement.



Bryant was arrested in 2003 after a 19-year-old accused him of rape, an encounter he described as consensual. The case was dropped the following year after the woman said she was unwilling to testify in court.






A complete list of Oscar Winner

Kainat Hussain Khanzada

Best Picture: “The Shape of Water”

Director: Guillermo del Toro“The Shape of Water”


Actor: Gary Oldman“Darkest Hour”

Actress: Frances McDormand“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”

Supporting Actor: Sam Rockwell, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”

Supporting Actress: Allison Janney, “I, Tonya”

Original Screenplay: “Get Out”

Adapted Screenplay: “Call Me by Your Name”

Foreign Language Film: “A Fantastic Woman”

Animated Feature: “Coco”

Visual Effects: “Blade Runner 2049”

Film Editing: “Dunkirk”

Animated Short: “Dear Basketball”

Live Action Short: The Silent Child

Documentary Short: Heaven Is a Traffic Jam on the 405

Score: “The Shape of Water”

Song: Remember Me” from “Coco”

Production Design: “The Shape of Water”

Cinematography: “Blade Runner 2049”

Costume Design: “Phantom Thread”

Makeup and Hairstyling: “Darkest Hour”

Documentary Feature: “Icarus”

Sound Editing: “Dunkirk”

Sound Mixing: “Dunkirk”

There is a World inside Oscar’s $100000 Gift Bag.

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If you want an lavish life-style for an year Win An Oscar. Here are a few things that you Win excluding the trophy;



1) 12-night Tanzania vacation for two

2) Week-long stay at the Golden Door spa


3) DNA kit from 23andMeResort


4) Six-night and seven-day stay at Koloa Landing Resort at Poipu in Kauai

5) 10,000-bowl donation from Halo, Purely For Pets


6) “Stylish” pepper spray from PepperFace

7) A year’s supply of Healing Saint products


8) Bath bomb from PETA


9) Levitating Bluetooth speaker by Shop Modern Innovations


10) Luxury false lashes from Le Céline