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Eid ul Fitr

150 150 Fareeha Javed

Eid Mubarak Eid ul Fitr marks the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan revered by the entire Muslim community. Ramadan the ninth month of the Islamic calendar marks the revelation of Quran to Prophet…

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Sufi Singers You Need To Listen To

1280 720 Jaziha Syed

Modern-day Sufi music these days are a far cry from its original form. We bring you a list of some of the most renowned contemporary sufi musicians and music you should listen to. With their unique…

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Best of Rupi Kaur’s Milk And Honey

683 1024 Jaziha Syed

 Rupi Kaur is known for her short-yet-powerful poetry that’s taken the world by storm. Her poetry has managed to reach people all over, and digging through all those poems can feel overwhelming.  Rupi’s Kaur’s Milk and Honey discusses…

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1920 1080 Jaziha Syed

Although Pakistan might have gained a large portion of its popularity due to the increased politics in this zone; Pakistan still faces many issues. However, despite all the troubles, this country is still standing as an independent nation and…

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GMB Akash- Telling Beautiful Tales Through Photography

500 334 Jaziha Syed

GMB Akash is a Bangladeshi documentary photographer. He has received more than 100 international awards and his work has been featured in over 100 major international publications. Akash was born in 1977 in Bangladesh. He works as…

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What Do Your Doodles Say About You?

1280 720 Jaziha Syed

A doodle is a series of lines, or a shape, a pattern that we draw using our pens or pencils, usually without thinking. We all doodle when we’re exhausted. We’ve done it amidst a gathering, in…

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3D Sand Art at Juddi Beach in Pasni,Pakistan

3D Sand Art at Juddi Beach in Pasni,Pakistan.

940 705 Kainat Hussain Khanzada

The name of Balochistan often evokes images of the raw and rugged terrain. But this visualization will change forever once you visit the beautiful beaches in the province. At one of the exotic beaches in the town of Pasni,…

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