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5 Instagram profiles to follow RIGHT NOW!

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If you’re having a bad day, simple bored, or plain tired of all the BS around you, here are some of the instagram accounts that you need to follow for your life to lighten and…

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Things To Do With Your Best Friend Before Times Runs Out

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Thank you best friend, for making my life less miserable, for being on a constant roller coaster ride with me, and for being my partner in crime (this was a special mention for my bestfriend,…

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Superhero movies coming in 2018

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1. Venom – 5 October 2018 Breaking out from the Spider-Man lore to get his own movie, a Tom Hardy Venom will hopefully be a darn sight better than the one portrayed in Sam Raimi’s…

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Which PSL 2018 songs won hearts?

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Pakistan Cricket Board blessed the Pakistanis with our very own T20 cricket league, PSL, in 2015. The first tournament was held in 2016 in Dubai, where Islamabad United won. Second PSL was held 2017 in…

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Types of men you need to avoid at all cost

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There is enough negativity in the world to let people those stay in your personal life who don’t make you happy. Specially if you don’t have a supportive partner, it is time to re-think whether…

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Things you can do to relieve stress

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In a world that’s moving fast, it can get stressful at times to keep up with its pace. Stress isn’t completely avoidable but there are certain things that can be done to minimize its effect.…

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Some people never resolve their parental issues. Their parents die with leaving things unsaid, advices unheard, and lessons unlearned. Most of us being caught up in life are unable to spend adequate time with parents.…

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All that went down at PSL 3 Opening Ceremony

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Future money – Bitcoin?

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Crypto currency that has taken the world by storm, I’m sure majority of us have heard of it. That is because of the gigantic rise in its value. But there is more to Bitcoin than…

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Why School Does Not Prepare You for the Real World

Why School Does Not Prepare You for the Real World?

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A student’s ability to get good grades and their ability to function in the real world aren’t necessarily related. Unless you’re planning on becoming a doctor, lawyer or something that actually requires professional training, I…

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