Impact Of Online Classes On Student’s Life

Impact Of Online Classes On Student’s Life

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As the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly spread across the world, schools, colleges and universities along with all the markets, tourist places, worship places and wedding halls etc. have shut their doors have moved online in order to slow the spread of virus. This transition has not only impacted the learning but also impacted teachers, who have had to amend their courses, but also students who have had to adjust to a new learning environment.

Number of students in online classes have to deal with external factors, such as family, work and various other daily responsibilities. Having to set aside time to complete assignments can be a struggle, and the convenience of online classes can eventually become an inconvenience for perpetual procrastinators. Although most students do not intend to postpone, the flexibility of online learning combined with everyday life commitments causes many students to fall victim to procrastination.

Most of the students have to face laptop ten hours a week, which is a huge influence on the students. Previously learning was on campus, among friends along with one-on-one lectures. Students can interact with teachers, colleagues and learn different aspects through interacting and participating in social society activities. One of the major challenge students faced with attending online classes are they are burdened with too much work assignments, quiz and presentation which not only disturb the social life of students but also creates a lot of disturbance to manage life. Teachers, who imposes more on students later on they have to check and examine the same given assignment on the justified basis. The bundle of assignments and work pressure also effect the work life balance of teachers.

While talking about online classes, this would have been ideal for all students to sit at home in a quiet room free of distractions during online classes, this won’t always be the case for all the students. Students who are at different stages of education must be in charge for taking care of other family members or even their own children. Those students who are doing multitasking by taking care of their children, siblings or parents along with attending online class may face or create distraction for others and invite embarrassment for themselves. It is worth noting that these competing obligations are not specific to students. Many teachers also have to deal with these same concerns as they are also having family at home.

One perspective of online learning is that it is more affordable than traditional classroom learning, but the problem is that the students might face much more pressure when left all alone to do self-study because the lack of social interaction will lead to feelings of hostility. For example, an online student writing a research project or any presentation work would have more trouble getting in touch with the professor than a regular student. The topic of online student health is one of the most pressing these days, and thus almost any essay writer has already explored this topic through and through. Though there are some evident benefits to learning online, it is also necessary to admit that this mode of education might do harm to an average learner. Hopefully, in the future, the educational facilities will be able to find that balance between the two modes of learning to make it perfect for all.

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