My First White-People Wedding

My First White-People Wedding

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Soon after graduation, we all were getting married. It was mostly some lavish celebration and big fat cuisine! Then one batch mate of mine, who happens to be a christan invited us to her wedding. To a surprise the last time i went to a white wedding was when I was 2-YO.

As it turned out, my friends’ marriage was just as magical as any Desi wedding I’d been to, even if completely different in every single way –  just how starkly they differ from Indian nuptials. Like,

Invitations Are Actually Special, Rare
All it took was one look around the chapel before the ceremony to realize that I could easily count the number of guests in attendance without too much difficulty.

It’s a Sprint, Not a Marathon
When it comes to desi weddings, the week leading up to the actual wedding and reception are just as strenuous as the day of. But white weddings? God bless all of you for having the decency to limit the fanfare to one day — and maybe a drunken rehearsal dinner the night before.

You Really, Really Can’t Wear White

But I guess its common in both. As my mom once said.”You can’t wear white at Desi wedding, either; that’s the color of death. How did your sister learn all this from me, and you didn’t?”

Unless You’re the Bride, There Are No Costume Changes (and Probably Not Then, Either)
There was no greater joy to my ears than finding out from a co-worker that no, in between the ceremony and the reception, there is no costume change.

Things Run on Time
As I learned the hard way when I almost missed the shuttle from the hotel to the ceremony, these schedules are meant to be followed. The invite clearly stated the wedding started at 2:00 p.m., and damn if  “Wedding March” wasn’t starting up on the church speakers at 1:59.

Tears Are Mandatory
It’s not to say that Desi aren’t sentimental, but Indian weddings tend to have so many steps. but here ,I was crying at the start of the ceremony, I was crying during the vows, I was crying during the speeches at the reception. I was also crying in the bathroom at the end of the night.

Regardless of Culture, Hilariously Bad Dancing Reigns Supreme

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