Rising Harassment Cases in Pakistan led to Public Outrage

Rising Harassment Cases in Pakistan led to Public Outrage

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Rising Harassment Cases in Pakistan led to Public Outrage.
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Last night a women was raped in front of her children on Lahore motorway way two unidentified men. The police didn’t respond to her call for help after she ran out of fuel. As a result of this incident, the country has been seething with anger. The woman was stuck on the motorway around 1am. She was trying to arrange for help and had even called her relatives. After waiting for more than hour for help from the police, which they denied, she saw two men approaching her car. These men took her along with her children, who were below the age of 8, to the nearby fields at gunpoint.

There were reports that despite her constant pleas of help to the Motorway Police, they denied assisting her by stating that the area was not covered by the Motorway Police. To make matters worse, Umar Sheikh, who is the CCPO and is handling the case, started his investigation by questioning the choices of the victim. He mentioned that the woman should have taken another route and should have checked her fuel before leaving her home. It is because of such government officers that we don’t have effective justice system! His comments led to public fury, as they demanded the government to take this case away from him! His insensitive remarks worsened the situation and it drew sharp criticism from the public. #RemoveCCPOLahore was trending on Twitter and people wanted him to resign from his post. However, he later on, apologized for his wrong choice of wordings.

We believe that these remarks are one of the main reasons victims of abuse and harassment don’t prefer coming forward and stating their incidents, because they will be judged for their clothing and the society will start victim blaming. Instead of going after the culprits, our people and even our police is busy in blaming the victim. This is one of the many things that is wrong in our society. The police, instead of investigating the case and looking for the criminals, are passing their judgements about the victim!

Just imagine that you have gone through such a traumatic experience, that too because of the negligence of the police, and being blamed for the incident and getting judged for your choices! Unfortunately, our people find it easier to blame the innocent victim instead of investing their time in finding the criminals behind this heinous act!     

Imagine the trauma the woman and her children had gone through. We are disgusted to our core!
Another day, another incident! When will this stop? Enough!!! We demand justice and immediate action!
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Another heart-wrenching incident that took place a few days ago. A five-year-old girl; Marwah, was raped, then killed, and then burnt. What was her fault? Was she wearing indecent clothes? Where are we even headed as a nation?

The child went missing on 4th September, when she went out to buy biscuits from a nearby shop. Her parents filed an FIR and after hours of searching, she was found in a gunny sack, the next day. The parents were unable to recognize her, as she was torched after being raped and killed. The body looked as if it was charred and was found in Essa Nagri area in a vacant land. As per the post-mortem report, the cause of her death was a blow to her head. Her brutal death sparked an outrage among the public. This incident took place a few days before the happening of the Lahore Motorway Incident.

People have been demanding justice for her because Pakistan was still unable to forget the rape and murder of a seven year old Zainab along with other child abuse cases. Pakistanis realized that not even the hanging of Zainab’s rapists was enough to stop such gruesome incidents! On the contrary, the cases of sexual abuse have increased significantly, especially during the last few days. This sharp increase in the cases is the reminder to the government that a strict action is required to stop such incidents in the future. Over the last year, 2846 child abuse cases; boys and girls, have been reported. We can’t even imagine all the cases that have remained unreported! According to a child rights organization, raping a child is the lowest of humanity. Then, hitting the child with the intent to kill is also the lowest of humanity. There are no words what we, as a nation feel after hearing all these recent incidents of sexual abuse. What justification do we have now? Was she at fault? How can we blame the child in this case?

It is high time now that we start questioning the authorities and start holding them accountable, not only for their actions but also for their words! These incidents remind us that not even young children are safe in this country! While criminals can walk freely without any guilt. Her murder has also caused a public outrage and people are demanding justice! As her parents don’t have a strong financial background, it is our responsibility to stand with them in this tough time and ask for justice! We don’t want any other Zainabs and Marwahs in Pakistan!
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These rapists and pedophiles should be hanged publicly. This is the only punishment that should be given to them! They don’t deserve any mercy. Only in this way, we can prevent future incidents and women can feel safe. These recent incidents have forced the public to come on the streets and show them the power of unity. It is high time that the government and other institutions start taking these issues seriously! With sexual abuse cases being reported almost every day, we need an efficient system and law and order to put these criminals behind the bars. They should either be hanged publicly or their private parts should be chemically castrated! We believe that these punishments are nothing as compared to their crime! But taking this step and implementing these punishments are now required!

Thousands of people have joined the protest that took place in different parts of the country! Apart from implementing these punishments, we also need to address the issue from the grassroots level! This is the only way through which we can avoid our future generation to turn into animals! Parents should talk about ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’ with their children, both boys and girls. We also need to teach our boys the meaning of ‘consent’! Boys who are not told about ‘consent’ grow up into awful humans, because they don’t respect other’s opinions. In addition to this, a movement started in Pakistan where people demanded the government to #HangtheRapistsPublicly! They also demanded the resignation of CCPO who had made insensitive comments about the motorway incident! As a result of this, he apologized for his choice of words. Now is the time that we take a stand against the rape culture and make them pay for their act, instead of blaming the victim. The government needs to take action because it is the only way to avoid incidents like these in the future! This is the only way to make Pakistan safe for women and make public places safe for our women!