What makes a good writer?


What makes a good writer?

720 370 Taha Shabbir

I have spent more time indulging in the pages of comic books featuring raging green beasts and mild-mannered reporters than interpreting the sonnets of Shakespeare. However, one of these pieces of writing is considered a touchstone of English literature, while the other is regarded as a fanfare for children. But why?!

So what truly makes a piece of writing, and by extension a writer “good?” Shakespeare isn’t regarded better writer because he had a better grasp of language and used pompous words such as “thou”, it was merely the fact that he knew the exact frequency of words that would resonate with his audience’s understanding.

Good writing always knows the path its taking and it knows how to get there. It is true that good writing doesn’t need big words and 20-word sentences but it is naive to think that it doesn’t need an understanding of language. A good writer knows that a house is mostly an asset but home is always a feeling; enabling him to control his audience’s emotions accordingly.

Language has always at its core been about conveying information. Yet what often writers forget is to convey that information you need to understand whom you are speaking to. Understanding the audience is a crucial part of what makes a piece of writing stand out. It allows him to understand that the youth will fight to make a better society while the aged will fight to restore a better society. This simple insight enables him to channel his words on the perfect path to reach their desired impact!

So why did I connect more towards snarky quips and feats of superhuman strength? Well, I wasn’t born 400 years ago and think Deadpool is hilarious!