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Ever come across a product/campaign that makes you immerse yourself in its highly lucrative deal? Well, if you haven’t, this is just the thing for you. In today’s highly competitive and evolving market, entertainment and benefits seldom go hand in hand. However, Expando has reached the epitome of innovation and brings you Enjoin: a mobile application that provides you the opportunity to win redeemable points and discounts. While this may appear as a mainstream product with minimal innovative touch; we assure you it is quite the contrary. Not only do you earn massive discount offers and budget-friendly deals, you also get to socialize and share your ideology through our platform. Here’s how you go about it:


    1. Share a message. It could be through text, video or a mere image.
    2. Ask a question
    3. Answer a question
    4. Chip in with your recommendations/suggestions
    5. Send out invites


Still not hooked? Where else would you get the opportunity to reach out and connect with people, and then win redeemable points and discount coupons for it? The soul purpose of enjoin is to connect the audience with each other through a single platform, so as they benefit each other with their respective insights, opinions, observations and suggestions.


Though enjoin does pose a lucrative offer, it plans to filter out the organizations with below-par standards. This, in effect, will give an edge to the up-and-coming startups who have potential but are lacking in market exposure. . The process would be a long one but would clinch the best of our users. Moreover, extensions are also planned to cater the new sign-ups and maintain the existing audience.


Enjoin will soon be in the majority audiences’ cellphones who love using it for all the good and beneficial reasons! So keep your fingers crossed!

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