Hilarious Cellphone Myths

Hilarious Cellphone Myths

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The internet is responsible for an insidious thing that no one could have foreseen: massive misinformation. There have been some amazing advances in cell phone technology and things that we thought would be impossible to do with a cell are now possible, but many silly myths persist that ought not to. In no particular order, let’s get into the myths and whether or not they’re true.


Using Off-Brand Chargers

This rumor was most likely started by cellphone companies looking to cash in on accessories and who can blame them?

That said, sometimes they have your wallet in mind and not your best interests.

We get into this, let’s just say, “yes, you shouldn’t use sketchy, unbranded products off the street, but if the product comes from an accredited and trustworthy brand then you don’t

need to worry about your battery getting destroyed.

You can dry a wet phone in a bag of rice

rice does absorb moisture, it only works if the grains can actually touch the water, which they obviously can’t when it’s inside your sealed phone.
What’s more, the powdery starch that comes off the rice can work its way through the cracks and may end up /increasing/ the corrosion instead.

More megapixels means a better camera

The amount of megapixels a camera has actually only relates to how big a photo you can take with it.

Freezer Extends Its Battery Life

Putting your cell phone battery in the freezer is more harmful to your cell phone than exposing it to extreme heat! Avoid doing this at all costs if you want to be able to use your phone for its maximum lifespan.


 Charging Your Phone Overnight Will Make The Battery Explode!

This one does have some basis in the truth, but it’s still false because it’s outdated.

Older lithium-ion batteries were more unstable than their modern cousins and could (rarely) explode if left charging for too long.

Sadly, these sorts of rumors still persist and cause many users to tentatively charge their phones overnight.

 Using Your Cellphone while It’s Charging Will Destroy The Battery

This one is a little bizarre but it makes sense.

The idea is that by using your cell phone you’re killing its ability to charge.

At some level, this may be truth.

If you were to try and play an advanced video game on your phone while it was charging you might create a situation where you’re draining more than you’re putting in, but sending

simple texts and using low energy-consumption apps probably won’t inhibit your ability to charge all that much.

 Improve Your Battery Life

Sure, turning off your games will definitely improve your battery life, but wifi, Bluetooth, and other features don’t put much strain on your cellphone’s battery.

 Charging Your Phone In The Microwave

This one is pretty ridiculous and it’s unbelievable that people would even try to do this.

This one is patently false and it’s only something you should do if you want a roasted and possibly explosive phone.