Buying Galaxy S9 or S9+… WAIT!

Buying Galaxy S9 or S9+… WAIT!

1280 720 Syed Zohaib Ahmed

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is now on sale, a phone that promises to be one of the best of 2018 – but at first glance, might not seem to be that much of an upgrade.

That’s because it’s very, very similar in design to the Galaxy S8 that debuted this time last year – Samsung might as well have called this the Galaxy S8S, if that wouldn’t have been too obvious (and unwieldy as a name).

Here are the top 5 reasons not to buy S9 or S9+ in Pakistan:

1. Not much of a upgrade from last year

As we said earlier, it should be called S8s (if Apple does not file another suit for this). The only viable change is the camera for which the reviews aren’t as great anyway even with the Variable Aperture. The end user doesn’t gain from it from the upgrade. Apart from that, position of finger print has been changed for the people who were really specific about the positioning.

2. Too expensive

It’s price highly at PKR93,499 for Galaxy S9 and PKR103,499 for Galaxy S9+ which is not worth your money if you already have an Galaxy S8 or S8+. Unless, tum ameer baap ki aulaad ho.

3. Prices tend to drop after three months

As with all Samsung phones, the prices tend to drop by huge margins in the first few months. The high price is because of hype and market demand, let the dust settle so that you don’t regret being one of the first to buy when you see the price drop.

4. No insurance anymore!

As with your previous samsung phones, the insurance for phone replacement is no longer offered in case of break. Therefore, you will have to be extra careful with those sweet infinity displays now!

5. No resale!

Samsung phones don’t have good resale value after 6 months as iPhones because of so many launches, they will launch Note 9 by fall season so your phone will already be yesterday’s news in a span of 6 months. Keep that in mind while investing 90k + in your new phone!

All in all, we suggest you skip this upgrade and wait for the Note 9 later this year to see some upgrade that is worth spending your money on.