Things To Do With Your Best Friend Before Times Runs Out

Things To Do With Your Best Friend Before Times Runs Out

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Thank you best friend, for making my life less miserable, for being on a constant roller coaster ride with me, and for being my partner in crime (this was a special mention for my bestfriend, you should write your own). Anyway, now that we’re in our mid 20s, we are realizing that with every passing day, our lives are changing. Best friends won’t be around forever, not that they’d die, I mean yes they will, we all will. But might move faraway, might get hyper busy with jobs, might get married and stay out of touch. Let the fear creep into you and let the time you still have with your best friend be spent in making crazy memories.


  1. Gym Together


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Set goals, buy matching sports gears, set a time, and hit it! Not only will you motivate each other to become the perfect selves, you would also have fun while doing so. Plus, you always need your best friend in case you spot a cutie at gym.


  1. Twinning


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You might be similar in habits, or in the words you speak, or a certain way you think. But spend a day matching your hairstyle, clothes, shoes and head out! Head out and let the world see the TRUE SOULMATES! *happy tears*



  1. Truth and truth


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There might have been times where you lied to your best friend for his/her sake and vice versa. Keep an honest session where you can open up about the times you lied and under what circumstances. This way you can come clean, let go of the past, and get closer in knowing each other.



  1. Watch a comedy series together


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Nothing better than sharing the same sense of humor! And nothing better than watching the funniest shows together. Trust me, doubles the fun.



  1. Experience adrenaline


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Scared of what? Sneaking out? Bungee jumping? Being up on stage? Confessing to your crush?  Help each other overcome the sense of fear, and embed it in your minds of how it felt experiencing the rush of emotions right after doing something you thought was impossible doing.



  1. Express love

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Time will pass, but words will remain. Let your best friend know that they have impacted your life immensely, not just by words but also through gestures, or through gifts (hints for my best friends, TIA!)


Bonus: Watch Sunrise and Sunset together, thank me later. Its magical!


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