Two Most Trending Turkish Drama You Should Watch

Two Most Trending Turkish Drama You Should Watch

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Aşk Laftan Anlamaz (Love doesn’t understand words)

The story revolves around Hayat and Murat’s family and friends, how they love/hate, support, protect each other.

Hayat Uzun, a country girl, who is in a love-hate relationship with her workaholic boss, Murat Sarsılmaz of Sarte. She has a secret, that could ruin her career and relationship. Will she be able to overcome the hurdles and get a fairytale ending?



Cesur ve Güzel (Brave & Beautiful)

This serial is a combination of romance, thrill and drama.

Cesur Karahasanoglu returns to his father’s village as Cesur Alemdaroglu with an elaborate plan to avenge the death of his father. The only thing he hadn’t plan for is Suhan korludag, the daughter of Tahsin korludag, the man Cesur believes is responsible for his father’s murder. What cost will Cesur have to pay to bring the culprit to justice and end the sufferings once and for all.