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1920 1080 Jaziha Syed

Although Pakistan might have gained a large portion of its popularity due to the increased politics in this zone; Pakistan still faces many…

GMB Akash- Telling Beautiful Tales Through Photography

500 334 Jaziha Syed

GMB Akash is a Bangladeshi documentary photographer. He has received more than 100 international awards and his work has been featured…

What Do Your Doodles Say About You?

1280 720 Jaziha Syed

A doodle is a series of lines, or a shape, a pattern that we draw using our pens or pencils, usually…

The life of the first face of Pakistani Television

640 435 Taha Shabbir

From a black and white monochrome display, on Thursday 26 November, at 6:30 PM, many Pakistani’s heard a crisp and…

This Crime Channel on Youtube has some creepy stories to tell

700 400 Jaziha Syed

Just a week ago I came across a crime investigation channel named as “Crime Investigation Discovery” I randomly clicked a…

Sufi Singers You Need To Listen To

1280 720 Jaziha Syed

Modern-day Sufi music these days are a far cry from its original form. We bring you a list of some of…

Impact Of Online Classes On Student’s Life

739 415 Plan Z Creatives

As the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly spread across the world, schools, colleges and universities along with all the markets, tourist places,…

My First White-People Wedding

150 150 Kainat Hussain Khanzada

Soon after graduation, we all were getting married. It was mostly some lavish celebration and big fat cuisine! Then one…

Putin To be a Leader for life!

150 150 Kainat Hussain Khanzada

MOSCOW: With his re-election, Vladimir Putin took one step closer to becoming Russian leader for life.

‘Akhri Station’ — a miniseries based on social issues

640 348 Jaziha Syed

Akhri Station Review These day  Pakistani television viewers are not impressed by typical storylines. The industry has evolved to produce drama serials…

This Aurat March Poster that transformed Pakistani men into emotional wrecks!

640 480 Jaziha Syed

In Karachi & Lahore many feminists groups on 8th March organized “Aurat March” to celebrate Women’s Day but their slogans…


1280 719 Syed Zohaib Ahmed

Ever come across a product/campaign that makes you immerse yourself in its highly lucrative deal? Well, if you haven’t, this…

Hilarious Cellphone Myths

635 464 Jaziha Syed

The internet is responsible for an insidious thing that no one could have foreseen: massive misinformation. There have been some…

Your WhatsApp buddies might be spying on you!

1024 575 Jaziha Syed

If you rely on WhatsApp to message friends and family, it’s important to know that the service lets your contacts know when…

Buying Galaxy S9 or S9+… WAIT!

1280 720 Syed Zohaib Ahmed

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is now on sale, a phone that promises to be one of the best of 2018…

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